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We follow the same and consistent 7-step process when we work with our clients:

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During your free 30 minute call you will have the opportunity to ask us any questions that you have about the process and your business plan. It also gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your business a little better
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When you have decided that you want to work with us, we then send out an invoice for 50% of the agreed price for your business plan. Once we have received your deposit we then move onto step 3 and send out your business plan questionnaire to you.
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Once we have received your deposit we then send our business plan questionnaire out to you via email to complete as fully as you can.

Do not worry at this stage if you have gaps as we will help you to fill those in. You can of course contact your business plan consultant at any time if you have questions about the questionnaire or the business plan itself.
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After we have received your questionnaire we then set to work on preparing your 5 year financial forecasts and the narratives of your business plan in order to produce a first draft for you to review.

Typically, we produce a first draft within 7 working days of receiving your business plan questionnaire from you.

Once we have sent out the first draft of your business plan to you we will then raise an interim invoice for 25% of the total price of your business plan.
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Now we get to the business end of your business plan!

Here we review your business plan with you and agree and changes or additions that need to be made. We will made an unlimited number of changes to your plan and financials for you as it is important to us that your plan is as good as it can be.

Your plan will include additional content that we have added based on our own research and/or experience and this can be included or removed at your request.
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Once we have made all of the changes required to the first draft of your business plan we will then send over a copy of your plan to you in both Microsoft Word / Powerpoint (whichever is required, it could be both of course) and pdf formats. At the same time we will also send over your financial models for you to use as and when you want to.

Only at this stage will we then raise an invoice for the final 25% of your agreed business plan price.

You are good to go!
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It is important to us that the work we have done for you adds value to you and your business. This is why we will contact you again a short while after you receive your completed business plan in order to ensure that everything is still good for you and whether, on reflection, that you need to make any further changes; which of course we will be happy to do for you.